(Are you still doing this?) I write because I love it, I need it, and I want it. Writing gives me this leeway from reality; it gives me something to escape to. When I write, it's like I'm this different person who can speak confidently without stuttering and the likes. With words, we can create different emotions. Words are truly strong, just as strong as illustrations. And I write because I have to. If I don't, I'll be talking to myself all the time or thinking too deeply.
I write because it's the best feeling in the world. Just sitting there writing your own story or a fanfic makes me feel alive and happy, it's the only thing I'm good at and I'm gonna keep it that way! :)
I write because I must. There are hundreds of souls inside my head, just begging for their story told. If I didn't tell their stories, who else would?
I write because these things in my head ask to become coporeal. I write to make my imagination real.
I write because I see. I write because I listen. I write because I love. I write because I live.
I write because I like my characters' "company" and would rather spend my time with them than some of the people I actually know.
I write because it's my way of showing my expressions. It's my way of venting. It also unleashes my creativity and imagination along with getting things off my mind. I absolutely adore it and I would be so broken and lost without writing. It's my way of letting all of my feelings out, not just the bad, but the very nice feelings too. I also enjoy creating characters and writing all about their story. I believe each should get a part in my life since each is a puzzle to knowing me better.
I write because I refuse to accept that the boundaries of what we know exist are the only things out there. There's so many variables and other universes we have not yet discovered; denotative, or connotative. I can show what I believe could happen. Someone's story. Something that we can learn about. I love writing that, because I get to imagine what could be real, or what can take our mind off of another thing. I profoundly love creating that. And that is why I love to write.
I write because my chest would hurt keeping the story from the ink, the ink from the page. All of the pressure would crush me and reduce me to a pile of nothing. I'm basically a messenger for the living words otherwise trapped within me. I write because if I didn't I wouldn't have anything to truly offer the world. If the words didn't, I fear the world might.
Hey! I created a blog here on Tumblr to help people find beta-readers for their fanfiction or original stories. It's called An Extra Pair of Eyes (the URL is the same thing without the spaces). I still need people to volunteer as beta-readers, though. Do you mind helping me promote it? Thank you!
Even though I write poems. I write because I want to write out my feelings. Sometimes I want to capture the emotion I feel at that moment. I want people to know how I feel. I want to have my creativity run. I want the words to show the emotions I can't express with actions.
I write because there's characters in my head that will pester me relentlessly until their story gets typed up on my computer. Also because writing is an insane amount of fun for me, and I can go on perilous, life-threatening adventures without actually having my life threatened.
I write because if I didn't, I wouldn't be alive.
I write because I can't communicate in any other way.
I write because if I didn't, I don't know what I'd do. I have to create stories, I have to give my characters a chance at a life I'll never have. I do it because if I didn't, I would probably go insane. I do it to cheer me up. I do it to lose myself for a few hours. But most importantly, I do it because I want to, because when I write, it's the only time no one can tell me what to do or who to be.